6 reasons to choose steel in construction

The constructions require the use of various materials. Very few structures find it feasible to be made of a single material. However, when developing a project, the need to make a decision arises: predominantly use steel in construction or some other material, such as cement or concrete. Both are useful materials that meet different needs for different projects. There is no absolute rule that dictates always use steel or always use concrete. The  material to be used in a work depends on its peculiarities .

Why choose steel in construction

To facilitate decision-making, it is pertinent to establish a series of criteria. Selecting a material, after all, should be the result of reflection on the purposes of the work. This article will address some of the reasons why using steel in the construction of your project can be a great idea.


With good reason, one of the most important priorities of any project in any industry is to reduce expenses. In construction, this concern is often reflected in the selection of lower-cost materials. The different applications of the materials, as well as geographic and economic variables, reflect a diversity of costs for both concrete and steel. For your project, which of the two is a better investment? If you are not sure, it would be advisable to  request a project design and calculation  to better understand your options.


Not all structures are made for the same use, and not all materials serve the same purpose. Steel is, for example, particularly useful for  works such as industrial buildings or other large structures . After all, it is a highly versatile and flexible material, open to different applications in different projects.


Today, the construction industry has developed a concern for preserving the environment. Green projects designed to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of construction are developed. The  benefits of environmental design are  not limited to being friendly to the environment, but building with sustainability means minimizing the use of resources, thus taking advantage of their use and  reducing costs . Using steel in the construction of a project represents a great opportunity to build in a sustainable way.


Structural steel is a remarkably durable material. It is resistant to corrosion and mildew, at the same time it is remarkably stable. Steel structures require particular precision and care in their design and structuring. The result  is a remarkably stable and long-term durable construction.

Resistance to natural disasters

The structures are planned to stand for a long time. That implies considering the possibility that they will face accidents such as earthquakes or fires. The material from which the construction is made must be selected  taking into account its ability to withstand these disasters . Steel has several advantages in this area, being a non-flammable metal it is resistant to fires caused by accidents or natural events.

Construction time

If time is money, then steel is the most economical material in the industry. Clients who want their structures ready as soon as possible do not have to look any further than this material.

The manufacture and assembly of steel parts is a relatively fast process, compared to other materials. Manufacturing steps and logistics leverage and organize resources to reduce overall project time.

Delivering a project quickly and efficiently means reducing construction costs, making it easier to acquire permits to build, and getting started with the structure as soon as possible.

In conclusion

There are a variety of reasons for choosing to use steel in construction. From the material properties of metal to its variety of applications and reduced construction time, steel proves to deserve its place as one of the most widely used materials in the industry.


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