Chocolate Brown Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Chocolate brown bedroom is a trend .Because is a neutral tones that reflects a lot of elegance and combines perfectly with natural materials such as wood and stone. Brown in its various shades is a trend color in interior decoration, this is largely due to the fact that it can be combined very well with different colors, especially neutral ones. Brown brings warmth to any environment it is a part of and also inspires a feeling of security. Being a color related to the earth, it is the most suitable to be combined with natural materials such as wood and stone. Within the infinite shades of brown, chocolate is the one that is in fashion, especially in bedroom decoration. However, being a dark brown, it is better to use it on a single wall so as not to make the environment too dark.


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Chocolate Brown Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Brown is a color that is not often chosen for bedrooms. However, if done right, it can make a room feel warm and cozy. Here are some tips on how to use brown furniture and décor items without making the room look sickeningly boring.

One of its varieties is that brown popularly known as chocolate, that dark tone that makes us think of a steaming cup of cocoa. It is one of the most desired browns, it is elegant and capable of creating a special atmosphere. We recommend it, especially, for spacious and bright living rooms -as it is a dark color, it takes out more light than white walls- or for bedrooms. If you are attracted to this color, but want to know how to use it and not fail, you will love this series of ideas for decorating rooms with chocolate.

chocolate brown accent wall bedroom

Without a doubt, it is a very elegant option to paint the walls, although we have to try not to detract from the light in the room. It would look great in rooms with large windows and we can choose to paint only one wall with this tone and leave the others in light tones so as not to compromise the brightness.

If you choose this bright tone for some of your walls, we recommend the use of white furniture (also consider ivory, beige or cinnamon, always in light tones, although the contrast with white is very nice). That is, white shelves, murals, lamps or sofas and accessories in coffee, African brown or beige. In any case, always choose a softer shade of brown. To give it a more lively or youthful look, integrate small details in bright colors.

The most positive thing about this color is that it is not as dark as black (only recommended for walls in very bright rooms), while providing the vividness of red and orange tones, but being a much more sober tone.

If what you are looking for is an environment that transmits elegance , combine it with various lighter shades of brown , or tints between the bank and brown, such as sand, cream or coffee with milk. For a more lively environment, opt for oranges, greens, blues, even fuchsias.

Although we have said that the chocolate color on walls goes very well, in living rooms and bedrooms, it is also a safe bet in the kitchen, as well as in small rooms, such as in the tea room.

This color can be easily combined with many styles: you can create a room that suggests tranquility and classicism, also evoke minimalism and adapt it to more youthful rooms with bright color tones.

Chocolate color on the furniture

Another option to decorate rooms with chocolate color is to bet on furniture in this cocoa tone.In this case, we do not recommend walls in the same tone or in dark colors, as it would result in a boring room, without contrasts and lacking in light.

If you like the chocolate tone for your furniture, leave the walls white, light or pastel , always playing with the contrast that we have described in the previous point, but in reverse. For example, you can choose a combination of bright white and very light blue for the walls. The cold colors will combine very well with the chocolate furniture. In addition, the decorations and accessories that are going to be close to the wall must also be clear and bright; such as paintings, mirrors, lamps, murals, magazine racks…

You can also integrate furniture in equally light colors to complement the brown ones. For example, if we have sofas in a chocolate tone, it is not a bad idea to choose one or two tables or an armchair in ivory or ecru.

Likewise, the accessories have the possibility of contrasting with this beautiful tone: light cushions, in pastel tones, giving the note of color with a pistachio green or similar. In general, adding pops of color to this mix of chocolate and light color will result in a much more modern outfit.

Natural elements, such as flowers and plants, look great in this type of decorationAlso wicker elements and even some wooden furniture, without abusing and trying to make their color go with the essence of the whole.

Chocolate brown and blue bedroom 

Bedroom decorated in blue and chocolate. They combine different textures, with various types of tapestries and fabrics such as curtains and duvets in heavy material, carpeted floors, striped rugs, metallic details in some ornaments and lamps, as well as a hanging lamp with a glass shade and a black leather seat. An integration of materials make it a cozy and peaceful bedroom.

Chocolate Brown Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtains are a great way to add color to any room and make it feel more welcoming. When choosing your curtains, consider how much sunlight they’ll block out. If you’re planning on using them to block out a lot of sun, then you might want to go with lighter colors. Darker colors will help keep the room cooler and prevent the room from getting hot.


Lighting is another big factor in our bedrooms. In order to get a good night’s rest, we need plenty of natural lighting. While some people may not care what type of lighting they have, others may prefer a darker environment. When choosing lights, consider where you plan on placing them. Will you be using them while sitting at a desk? Or will you be using them while laying down? Also, how many bulbs are you going to need? Depending on the size of the room, you might need a few small lamps or just one larger lamp.

Chocolate Brown Bedding Set

A simple and elegant couple’s bedroom. Decorated in white and two shades of brown, chocolate for the bed area and brown for the seats at the end of the bed upholstered in leather, curtains and mirror frame.

Tips for decorating a room in brown tones

In short, for a chocolate-colored room decoration, we must:

  • Play with contrasts.The dark note, whether on furniture or on the wall, is already given by the cocoa tone. Thus, we will contrast with whites, cinnamons, much softer and less reddish browns, and crude colors.
  • We can incorporate pastel, green or blue tones, in general, cold colors for a less classic room.
  • The furniture must also be white or lightIt is not convenient to incorporate blacks or dark browns.
  • Do not forget to add a touch of color , except if you are looking for a room with a very classic or sober style.
  • Combine different materials: wooden details, different fabrics, wicker, etc.
  • Let natural light itself be part of the decoration. This color on walls is ideal for rooms with large windows or glass. It is recommended in spacious and bright places.
  • Although the incorporation of details is suitable, it is not advisable to reloadPainting the walls in a dark tone can give a feeling of less spaciousness if we fill it with furniture and objects.
  • To give a more romantic or childish tone, integrate soft pinks, pastel purples and whites.
  • The golden tones will add additional glamour.


As we have seen, the chocolate color can help you achieve a very cozy, elegant and comfortable space.It is another great alternative option that you can consider for your bedroom. It is versatile and according to the meaning of the colors it transmits strength, security, stability and tranquility to your space. But, it can also give the feeling of boredom, loneliness and sadness when it dominates the environment.

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