How to prepare your house for autumn before returning to the routine

The holidays are over, September is here and it is time to return to the routine: work, school, extracurricular activities, the gym … Ideally, you should get down to work now to leave your home prepared for the autumn, before immersing yourself in that maelstrom of everyday life.

You may not be able to do everything now, but you can put some of the work up front. With the mind still in the summer it gives some laziness, but later you will appreciate it. Habitissimo experts give you some tips to help you organize yourself better.

  1. Painting, reforms and small repairs

If you were planning to do a house facelift before winter, don’t put it off for later. Think that the cold comes when you least expect it and it can catch you with everything by half. Do not forget either that in these weeks in which the heat gives some respite and the autumn is not yet visible, the professionals of the reforms are in great demand.

And if you left any little fixes undone before you go on vacation, like changing that faucet that doesn’t close properly or fixing that slightly sagging door or window, do it now. Then it is easy that you do not find time for it.

  1. A bit of order and cleanliness

In summer and holidays we always relax. It is time to put the batteries in and collect what will no longer be used in a long time, from beach clothes to suitcases, the refrigerator or the fan. Having order at home will give you some peace when you start to immerse yourself in the routine

And, while you put some order and clean the house, take the opportunity to get rid of those things that you have stored for years and that only take up space. That space they leave will come in handy for storing items that you are going to use in the return to routine or for those winter clothes that take up much more than the summer ones.

3.Space to study or work

If you already had it at home, check that everything is in perfect condition: desk, chair, shelves, lighting, etc. But if until now you teleworked in any way with the computer on the table in the living room or kitchen, get down to work to create a small workspace.

You do not need many square meters, but you do need a corner where you are as far away from distractions or, at least, you can have minimal equipment. Sometimes the solution is as simple as moving some of the furniture you already have at home.

  1. Redecorate your home

Sometimes small details are able to make us feel that our home is suddenly warmer or more welcoming, or that we have given it a new look without having really changed many things. A good way to get back to the routine with a different spirit is to renew the decoration a little.

We suggested moving the furniture around to make room for a desk. But it is also a good idea to make the living room or bedroom look like another. If you add some more autumnal accessories such as plaids on the sofa, place a rug or change an old lamp, the change can be spectacular.

  1. Prepare the household linen

It’s still hot and you don’t think about it. You don’t have to take out the Nordics either. But it is time to leave those mid-season bedding at hand for when the nights begin to cool, or those somewhat thicker curtains in the room that give it a warmer environment when the temperatures drop.

Doing these small jobs now, the return to the routine will be somewhat more bearable because the heaviest you will have already done. So the last tip goes without saying: don’t leave them for tomorrow.


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