I want to repaint the outer wall of my house!

when  i want to repaint the outer wall of my house and repainting the exterior wall is fun but very annoying, but if you’re considering repainting your home, it’s a good idea to try Feng Shui .Feng Shui is an idea that originated in ancient China and is also called ” environmental studies ” because it uses the “energy” of clothing, food, housing, and behavior to make good luck .Here, I will tell you about the repaint the outer wall from the perspective of Feng Shui, so I would like to see it with me so that I can paint the exterior wall with the color that suits you best.In this blog we discuss repaint the outer wall ,repaints the outer walls, what is Feng Shui,use repaint wall,exterior wall paint.

Repaint The Outer Wall Process

*What is the recommended color of the outer wall for Feng Shui?
*What is the color of the paint used to paint the exterior walls?
*Things to be careful about when choosing the color of the exterior wall paint

What is the recommended color of repaint the outer wall for Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, which is called “environmental studies” where your own luck changes depending on the environment surrounding you, it is thought that each color has a meaning and effect.


(white) It is say that you  build good relationships with colors that have a sense of elegance and luxury and are easy impresse  everyone.
Gray system It is the meaning of seriousness expecte to increase work luck. It also has a calming effect, so it goes well with your home.
black It is the effect of improving your fortune in terms of the color that protects your money, and it is also  the meaning of keeping people you don’t want to get involve with, so it is also  the effect of improving the relationships around you.
Red system Red system With a color that makes you feel positive, you can lead to a game or an increase in work luck. Since it is also a color that expresses vitality, it is said to have effects such as warding off evil.
Blue system Blue, which has a calm and sincere image, is said to boost luck in studying and working.
Yellow system It’s a color that has the effect of raising your fortune, but it’s also a color that makes you think positively and represents change.
Pink Although it has a strong feminine meaning, it is also a color that improves human relationships, so it can be expected to be effective for love luck and work luck.

Is the color of the entrance important in Feng Shui?

For a house, the entrance is the ” face ” of a person’s body, and it is also an important place that determines the image of the house.Of course, it is a place to welcome customers who come to your house, but you who live in that house also come and go every day.
In the basics of Feng Shui, it is important to keep the area around the entrance bright and clean, and the colors that are recommende to be use differ depending on the direction of the entrance .

Direction of the entrance Recommended colors for Feng Shui
Northwest Light colors such as beige and cream
North Bright colors such as ivory and pink
Northeast Yellow, brown
east Red
Southeast Yellow or orange
West yellow
South Green system
Southwest Calm color of green or brown

Is the color of the repaint the outer wall related to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui can also be incorporated into the colors of small items, figurines, and curtains in the room, but since the outer wall has the largest area in the house, it is thought to have a significant effect on Feng Shui.

Also, since people live in the “middle” of the house, in other words, the place that surrounds you.

of the outer wall, you can expect an increase in the luck of the whole family living in your house. It is.

At the same time, in Feng Shui, there is an idea that luck will drop in dirty places, so it is important to keep the outer wall clean at all times .

 Colors often use repaint the outer wallBeige and gray are by far the most common colors used on the exterior walls of homes in recent years .

  • Inconspicuous even if the outer wall gets dirty
  • Simple colors make it easy to combine with other colors
  • Easy to adapt to the surrounding landscapeFor this reason, beige and gray are relatively easy to choose.Colors could be divide into warm colors with strong redness, cool colors with strong bluish colors, and neutral colors between warm and cold colors. Beige is classified as warm and gray is classified as cool.
  • beige

Beige is a warm color, so it is recommended for people who want a natural and gentle appearance with warmth in a calm atmosphere .

Gray is recommended for those who want a cool and stylish look .Gray color  is a color that is easy to use together with other colors, aiming for a synergistic effect of Feng Shui by combining colors. You can also do it.

Colors that are realy use on outer walls

By using it as a point on a part of the outer wall or ancillary parts instead of using it on the entire outer wall, you can expect the effect of counteracting the disadvantages while taking in feng shui.

Let’s check with me what colors are available.

Primary colors

The reason why primary colors such as red, blue, yellow and green are not used for the exterior walls of a house is that they do not fit the surrounding landscape .

If it doesn’t fit the surrounding landscape, you may get complaints from your neighborhood, so it’s important to respect the harmony with the surrounding homes and landscape .

In addition, the outer walls of the primary colors have the disadvantage that fading is noticeable , and no matter how good the paint is selected, deterioration due to ultraviolet rays and rain, and deterioration that naturally occurs over many years cannot be avoided.


Black is the best color to give a prestigious impression, luxury, and profound feeling, but because it has the characteristic of easily absorbing heat, it has the disadvantage that it is difficult for air conditioning to work indoors even in sunny areas in the summer. ..

Things to be careful about when choosing the color of the exterior wall paint

Check how colors appear in various ways

Ask an experienced painter

Ask a community-based painter

Since you will spend a lot of money to paint the exterior walls of your house, it is important to have the necessary knowledge, not just the effects of feng shui, in order to choose a color that you will not regret .

Let’s take a look at the points to note when choosing the color of the exterior wall paint.

Check how colors appear in various way


How to choose a color merit Demerit
Look at the color swatch book and choose It is sell  Japan Paint Manufacturers Association, and a large number of colors are list. It is not always possible to select the colors listed in the color sample book.
Select by color simulation You can easily check the whole picture after painting.  It is viewe on the LCD screen, the appearance changes under sunlight.
Choose from coated boards You can check the color in the size of A4 size. Not all vendors prepare coated boards
Choose on the internet very much color easily seen The appearance of colors differs depending on the monitor and smartphone used.
Choose on the house that is actually build The most easy-to-understand and easy-to-image color appearance Difficult to tell the same paint to the vendor

As you can see, there are many ways to see the color of paint, but one thing that people who make mistakes in choosing a color tend to do is to check the color from only one point of view .

Cause 1: Area effect

The phenomenon that the appearance of color changes between the one applied to a small area and the one applied to a large area even if the same color paint is used is called the area effect .

However, even if you make a complaint that “the color is different from what you imagined” after painting the outer wall, the painter is painting the requested color, so you can not have it repainted for free, and the area It is necessary to keep in mind the difference in the appearance of colors due to the effect.

Cause 2: Lighting

The appearance of colors changes depending on the type of light , such as under fluorescent lights, during the day, or in the evening .Unlike printed matter and computer screens, it is easy to feel relieved because the coated plate is a real thing , but since the appearance of colors changes between indoors and outdoors , there is a high possibility that it will deviate from your image even if you check it inside the building.


The conclusion of this project was to paint the outside of my house. I chose to use a dark green color called “Lime Green”. I wanted to create a contrast between the outside and inside of my home, and I think it turned out pretty well.

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