Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling your bathroom plan creation tool helps you bring your bathroom design ideas to life. Thinking of changing your bathroom? Do you need ideas for renovation and design ? We can help you spice up your bathroom, overcome the problems that often arise in terms of design and layout, and optimize the space to achieve a beautiful and practical bathroom.In this blog we discuss bathroom remodeling,how to remodel your bathroom,decorate the walls,remodel your bathroom floor,remodel your bathroom shower,remodel your bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Remodeling is the first steps Install an Italian shower

Firstly,if your bathroom is occupied by a bathtub that you only use to shower, think about changing it for an Italian shower. This type of shower is installed at ground level and they are comfortable, provide a modern touch and create a feeling of space. In order to install the shower tray, above all,it may be necessary to lift the entire bathroom floor and place a small step. Italian showers tend to be large, so try to choose a non-slip or tiled shower tray to avoid slipping.

Put big mirrors

In addition,if your bathroom is one of the smallest that exists, a mirror can provide a feeling of spaciousness. You can cover an entire wall with a mirror or place a large decorative mirror over the sink. Backlit wall mirrors are also perfect for illuminating a bathroom and are available in various shapes. They are also useful for makeup because they distribute light evenly and prevent shadows from being cast.

Decorate the walls

To add a personal touch to your bathroom, decorate the walls without tiles with colorful paintings or prints.  A striking print on one of the walls can add color and an interesting point to your design. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to spruce up a boring bathroom.

Choose a modern floor

Add a decorative floor in your bathroom with bold tiles or a pattern. A terrazzo, marble, mosaic or checkered design can add an interesting touch to what is usually a sober clean room. On the walls, use tiles or plain colors to make your floor stand out. You can even use dark colors on the walls to give your bathroom a sensual air and draw attention to the floor. Add the final touch with candles and an orchid.

Put a freestanding bathtub for bathroom remodeling

The bathtub is making a comeback in modern bathrooms. If you have space, a freestanding bathtub is a great contribution to your bathroom and a symbol of luxury and relaxation. Freestanding bathtubs lately are made oversized and with curved edges so you can submerge up to your neck. Consider incorporating a freestanding tub as the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Complement your bathroom with accessories

Modernize your bathroom without spending too much by adding or changing accessories to give it an air of luxury and comfort. Swap worn items like towels and bath mats for a set of terry colors that contrast with those in the bathroom. Complete the makeover by adding a few new accessories, like a fancy soap dispenser, jewelry box, scented candle, or houseplant. Choose simple items and distribute them throughout the bathroom, avoiding creating patterns.

Put a decorative tile

Do you want to spice up your bathroom? Try placing a brightly colored tile on a bathroom wall or inside the shower. Mosaics work great on shower walls and floors, and are easy to install in sections. Choose a color that matches the rest of the bathroom or one that contrasts as a decorative element.
Most importantely,use HomeByMe to create cool and innovative bathroom designs like the examples above. The intuitive interface of HomeByMe online floor plan software allows you to easily create your ideal home design and experience it in 3D.


In conclusion,Remodeling your bathroom involves removing old fixtures and replacing them with new ones. You might need to remove tile, drywall, cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing, and electrical systems. In addition,If you want to add features, you’ll probably have to install new sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, mirrors, faucets, and other fixtures. And since bathrooms tend to get dirty over time, you’ll likely need to clean everything up and replace any damaged materials.

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