Metal Fireplace Surround Is The Best Choice For Your House

Metal fireplace surround is the best choice for your house.Metal fire surrounds offer an attractive way to surround your wood burning fireplace.The different materials that are used for metal fireplace surrounds make them unique and perfect for any cabinet or wall. Its surrounds are heavy, so be sure to have enough space in your room for them.You can choose metal, granite, or other materials to create a fireplace surround that is perfect for your home.

In this section, we will discuss the Metal  fireplace surrounds is the best choice of another type of fireplace surround.

Many materials are available for your fireplace: metal fireplace , concrete , brick , marble or stone , the choice will determine the style of your installation.

Metal fireplace: opt for a designer style!

Metal is in vogue in our interiors, particularly for cladding fireplaces. Indeed, with its resolutely design style, the metal fireplace brings a much appreciated touch of modernity.

In addition, the metal fireplace is generally less bulky and easier to install than a stone fireplace.

It fits more easily into small rooms or apartments.

Another advantage to note, a metal fireplace adapts to all models of fireplaces:

  • with open or closed hearth but also for inserts  ;
  • any type of fuel: wood, gas , bio ethanol or electric  ;
  • in a wall -mounted , corner version and even more so for a central and suspended fireplace .

Steel fireplace surround

The steel chimney is the most widespread of the metal chimneys. Steel is indeed a modern material offering a very design aspect.

Easy to work with, it allows multiple shapes. For example :

  • In the wall version, it can frame a built-in hearth, thus creating a “fireplace picture” effect.
  • In the central or suspended version, it completely covers the fireplace up to the ceiling.
  • Finally, it allows for all forms of whimsy and is ideal for original or made-to-measure creations.
  • Stainless steel chimney: cladding and flue

    In general, the stainless steel chimney refers to the flue . This material is indeed ideal for this use since it offers strong resistance to very high temperatures.

    In addition, an exposed stainless steel duct brings a modern touch to an interior. It can thus be combined with a stone or concrete cladding, for example.

    However, the stainless steel fireplace also comes in the form of a designer cladding in brushed stainless steel. It thus makes it possible to create a resolutely modern fireplace frame.

    Install a cast iron hearth for its metal chimney

    A metal fireplace can also refer to a cast iron insert. Cast iron is indeed the traditional material for this use, and for good reason:

    • Cast iron has very good inertia  : it accumulates heat and releases it slowly and long after the fire has gone out.
    • It heats by radiation  : heats walls, bodies and furniture, providing even heat.

    However, one rarely finds a chimney made entirely of cast iron, steel being easier to work with and above all less heavy!

    Finally, remember that cast iron is also the material used for the manufacture of fireplace plates which, installed at the bottom of a hearth, allow:

    • to accumulate heat that would otherwise be lost in the masonry;
    • to restore heat by radiation long after the fire has stopped;
    • effectively protect your wall from heat: be careful, with or without a plate, your wall must still receive good insulation!

Advantage metal fireplace surround

 By adding a stylish and functional metal fireplace surround, you can create the perfect ambiance. Here are some of the key benefits of using a metal fireplace surround:

1. Metal Fireplace Surrounds Are Durable

Metal surrounds are very durable, able to last for many years without deteriorating. This is especially helpful if you have children or pets who might be inclined to knock it over.

2. Metal FIREPLACE SUROUNDS Are Eye-catching

From the outside, a metal fireplace surround will look very imposing and stylish. This will add value and character to your home.

3. Metal FIREPLACE SUROUNDS Are Functional

Most metal surrounds come with features such ashidden electrical wiring, so they can be used as fireplaces or heat sources in cold climates.

Disadvantage Metal Fireplace Surrounds

If you are considering a metal fireplace surround, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. One disadvantage of metal fireplaces is that they can be expensive to maintain. Over time, the flames will oxidize the metal and it will need to be replaced. This can be expensive especially if the surround is made from heavy metals like copper or brass. In addition, a metal fireplace surround requires special care in order to prevent rust. If it rains often in your area, the wetness will cause rust to form on the surface of your surround. Finally, a metal fireplace surround can get very hot in Summer months and can pose a serious danger to your hands and feet. If you decide to go with a metal fireplace surround, make sure you take all these factors into consideration before making your purchase.


After reading this article,You should also know their various properties and how they can use this  fireplace.

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