Pastel tones in the decoration of our home

Pastel shades are generally thought to be very childish and unsuitable except for children’s bedrooms. But today I want to show you how trends are changing, and how we can use pastel colors throughout our home and enjoy their benefits, which also have them.

Pastel colors make it easy to harmonize . These tones are able to offer us environments full of serenity and warmth, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. But they should be used with caution. And for this I have prepared some basic notions and certain things to avoid.

One of the keys to using pastel tones is knowing how to combine them well , using the wide palette of colors that these colors offer us. For example, pink is a color that goes perfectly with white, mauve, or green . The green color in turn combines very well with beige and orange tones. In addition, it will help us to give a greater feeling of spaciousness.

To make pastel shades look really good and stand out in an elegant way, pair them with neutral base colors . Although the optimal color is white. White makes it possible to highlight even the softest tones, tinting them and giving them luminosity.

Combine pastel tones with other more intense colors that stand out and combine harmoniously. For example, in a room where pastel blue predominates, accessories in the same color chart will be ideal, for example an intense blue.

This combination with more intense tones is what will give life and joy to the room. And it is necessary to use them, because otherwise the room will be too dull. It will seem that the decoration lacks “soul”

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