“Soundproof room” is effective for sound insulation and sound! Creating a room that is indispensable for practicing musical instruments

1. What is a “soundproof room” in the first place?

Even if you hear “soundproof room”, there may be some people who don’t get it right.

A soundproof room is a room that prevents sound leakage from the room and noise from the outside, and improves the sound. It not only blocks the sound, but also makes the tone and voice sound beautiful.

For those who play musical instruments, it is also a room for listening to the sound clearly, and for the distributor, it is also a room for delivering clear sound to the viewer. The installation of a soundproof room is not only a noise countermeasure, but also leads to the delivery of comfortable sound to the side that emits and listens to sound.

 2. What kind of room is the soundproof room effective for? 4 ways to use

I told you that the soundproof room will improve sound leakage, noise, and sound, but I would like to know what kind of room it is effective for and how to use it.

When you think of a soundproof room, you can imagine a full-fledged room like a studio or a music room. However, in reality, you can enjoy the interior in a fashionable way, just like a normal room.

Such a soundproof room is effective in the following rooms.

 ① Living room

② Musical instrument room

③ Home theater

④ Audio room

 For example, the “living room” where you are interested in the sound and voice of the TV, and the “musical instrument room” where you can play the piano and guitar. In addition, there is a “home theater” where you can watch movies and an “audio room” where you can listen to music at your favorite volume. The soundproof room clears all the anxious sound leaks and attention to sound!

If you want to fulfill your dreams and ideals, such as “I want to enjoy music in earnest” or “I want to create my own movie theater at home”, please try incorporating a soundproof room.

 3. Three things to think about when creating a soundproof room

A soundproof room that can be used not only in the musical instrument room but also in the living room and home theater. However, not everything is fine as long as the sound can be prevented.

To be checked when you make at home from here 3 because to introduce a single point, Please refer to the time of reform.

 3-1. Point 1 Sound insulation

The “sound insulation” By cutting off the sound that comes through the air, of among the soundproof 1 single. “Sound transmitted through the air” is called air sound, and refers to the voice of a person, the tone of a musical instrument, the singing voice, the sound of a television, and so on.

Since these sounds are prevented from leaking to the outside, noise troubles are also prevented. You can also practice your instrument without worrying about your surroundings.

However, if the sound insulation is too high, the reverberation of the sound will be large, so the actual sound may differ from the sound heard by the ear, or it may be difficult to hear. Therefore, you can create a better soundproof room by adjusting the sound absorption and sound that we will introduce, rather than just focusing on sound insulation.

 3-2. Point 2 Sound absorption

“Sound absorption” means absorbing sound and soundproofing it. It absorbs the sound in the room and prevents it from leaking to the outside, and suppresses the echo of the sound.

The advantage of combining sound insulation and sound absorption is that sound insulation alone reverberates and makes it difficult to hear the sound, making the sound clearer.

On the other hand, if the sound absorption becomes too high, the sound will become clogged, making it difficult to practice musical instruments and singing. Therefore, when creating a soundproof room, it is important to adjust the sound insulation and sound absorption to achieve just the right amount of reverberation and reduction of sound leakage.

 3-3. Point 3 Acoustic

By combining sound insulation and sound absorption, you can adjust the “acoustic”. Sound is indispensable for playing musical instruments and in the audio room, and the same sound sounds completely different.

For those who want to hear clearer sounds or who want to improve their instrumental and singing practice, adjust the sound insulation and sound absorption to improve the sound.

 4. Calculate the sound insulation performance and create a soundproof room

A soundproof room is created by sound insulation and sound absorption, but in fact, the performance must be selected according to the loudness of the target sound. This is called “sound insulation performance” and is calculated by the following formula.

“The size of the room of the sound – the sound heard in the outdoor size = sound insulation performance.”

Loudness Sound type
120dB Near a jet plane, opera
110dB Alto saxophone drum
100dB Under the train guard, piano, trumpet
90dB Noisy factory, loud solo, violin, flute
80dB Inside the subway / classical guitar
70dB Noisy office / phone ringtones
60dB Normal voice
50dB Quiet office
40dB Midnight city / library
30dB Whispering
20dB The sound of leaves

The table above is a reference when calculating. The point is to aim for a loudness of 40 to 50 dB or less that people feel “quiet” .

For example, when creating a drum practice room, ” 110dB (drum) -50dB = 60dB (sound insulation performance)” is required. If you want to make a singing practice room, you have to make a soundproof room of ” 90dB (drum) -50dB = 40dB (sound insulation performance)”.

Please use the calculation formula and sound table introduced here as a reference when creating a soundproof room.


 5. What to install when making a soundproof room

It is a soundproof room that blocks sound and improves sound, but there are questions such as “Will the construction be large-scale?” And “What will you use?” Therefore, from here, we will introduce what to install when remodeling a room into a soundproof room. The following three are typical ones.

 5-1. Soundproof panel

A “soundproof panel” is a panel that insulates and absorbs sound. When remodeling in earnest, a thick soundproof panel is installed to properly prevent sound leakage to the outside. On the other hand, some are about 5 cm thick and can be DIY . There are various types from fashionable designs to simple ones, and it is a nice point to enjoy it as an interior.

 5-2. Tuning panel

The “tuning panel” adjusts the sound. It adjusts the sound in the room and improves over-reverberation and over-absorption.

Some types can be attached to the wall, while others can be erected with legs. It can be installed easily, so it is recommended for people who want to stick to the sound.

Tuning panels are also sold by YAMAHA, and the price starts from 36,000 yen (excluding tax). It is the best product for playing and listening because the sound changes just by installing a few pieces.


5-3. Soundproof door

With a normal door, there is a gap of about 1 cm from the floor. It makes it easier for air to pass through and opens and closes, but in fact the cause of sound leakage is the gap.

A “soundproof door” seals such a gap. A door with a handle “Glemon lock” and “highly airtight packing” that seals the gap between the door and the door frame, and the door and the floor.


There are various types of soundproof doors, and the soundproof doors used in studios are Kobayashi Steel Industries’ “soundproof doors for drum rooms.”

 If you want to get used to the living room, Daiken Kogyo’s “Advance (A) soundproof type”

The above products are recommended!

  1. Remodel your house in a soundproof room!What is the market price and the number of construction days?

you want to make a full-scale soundproof room, you want to remodel it. When it comes to that, you are concerned about the market price and the number of construction days.

In fact, the cost of remodeling increases as the sound insulation performance increases. This is because the quality and quantity of materials used will increase.

The market, if the partially soundproofed, 1 per square meters 5 from the yen. If you want to soundproof renovation, 1 per square meters 10 from the yen. For partial soundproofing, it takes about 3 to 4 days to renovate 6 tatami mats per day .

The cost will be high when it comes to remodeling, but it is safe because the sound insulation performance is guaranteed.


7. Not just remodeling! You can put a unit-type soundproof room We introduced you to remodeling, but that’s not the only soundproof room! Did you know that there is also a “unit type” soundproof room?

There is “AVITECS unit series ” in Yamaha’s unit type soundproof room .

There are 0.8 to 4.3 tatami mats, 0.8 tatami mats can be used for singing practice, 2.0 tatami mats for music production rooms, and 3.0 tatami mats for Kland piano. You can choose the size according to how you want to use it, and it’s great for those who don’t want to remodel their home.

 8. Summary

In addition to practicing musical instruments, the soundproof room can be used for various purposes such as singing practice, home theater, and living room. Not only does it prevent sound leakage in these rooms, but it also improves the sound, which is great for people who want to stick to the sound.

However, remodeling costs more, so it is recommended that you first try DIY using a soundproof panel or tuning panel . If you feel that you want more sound insulation and better sound, please consider remodeling your home or moving to a soundproof condominium.




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