Tips for choosing western curtains rods

Western Curtain rods is essentially a long, thin piece of wood that is use to hang curtains or other fabric items from the ceiling. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, Plastic, or Glass.If you are renovating the curtains at home, also pay attention to the choice of the western curtains rods, as the set will have a great impact on the interior decoration of your home. To select the bar that matches your style, pay attention to these tips.

The reign of wood and metal

If you visit the catalogs you will basically find two manufacturing materials: wood (like this model from La Redoute Interieurs) and metal.

Light woods are perfect for current and Nordic decorations , those with deep tones are more sophisticated and suitable for elegant environments, both classic and minimalist. In the case of metals, wrought iron goes very well with interiors with a rustic and bohemian air , and both the chrome and brass finishes are a good choice in rooms with a contemporary trend .

Aesthetic guidelines to keep in mind

For the bar to stand out in the environment, select one with a good diameter (provided that the installation system allows it) and, in addition, in a color that stands out on the wall , as is the case with this room with some cheerful curtains with motifs of leaves, from the firm Scion (for sale at Pepe Peñalver).

On the contrary, if, as we see here in this bedroom decorated by the Luzio Design&Projects team, this element is intended to go into the background , choose a design that integrates so much with the partition that it almost blends in with it (for example, betting on a blank piece if the wall is painted in that color). And it is that in this room nothing should steal prominence from the majestic headboard or the accent wall papered with a Mind the Gap model.

the length of your bar

In case you don’t know, all professionals recommend that the curtain rod respect at least 15-20 cm in length on each side , so that with the curtains open the window frame is not visible and the entrance can be use to the maximum. of natural light. Well, if your windows have somewhat special measurements and are quite extensive, you have two solutions: opt for a telescopic rod and, therefore, it extends, or order it completely to measure (this second option is more expensive). In the case of a long and heavy curtain, it is advisable to add some additional support because the usual two at the ends may not be enough to guarantee that it can withstand the weight of falls.

the perfect tandem

Being very common the installation of curtains together with some curtains , a mistake that you should not fall into is to place everything on the same rod. Luckily, manufacturers offer the option of purchasing double rods (this one is from Ikea) in which the western curtains rods holder has a smaller diameter, to save on material and because it can hardly be seen when it is behind the curtain rod.

The finishing touch to a brilliant decoration!

The terminals are the ones that have just defined the touch of style of the entire bar and, without a doubt, there are some models that last over time above others. What are we talking about? The ball ones generally configure a rustic or traditional style ; the stopper type, a simple cylinder (in the image with the Agreste shade by Maison Decor), offer a modern image , as do those with an inverted cone silhouette; while those highly worked with sinuous silhouettes or pineapple shapes tend to define a more romantic or classic trend .

Yes, the rage for cannage has also reached curtain terminals and a good example of this is this Leroy Merlin model that presents this braided mesh, ideal for giving a fresh touch to any environment.

Auctions for the rooms of the ‘little ones’

The options multiply in the spaces for your children (the children’s room or their playroom) with imaginative designs that you will have a hard time choosing, such as stars, moons, rainbows, clouds or flowers . The ball auctions but in bright colors will also be a success in the environments for the youngest members of the house.

Rustic Curtain Rods from Wayfair

If you’re looking for a more-eccentric curtain rod, these rustic curtains from Wayfair are perfect! Featuring a distressed finish and droopy faux curtains, they’ll add an interesting texture and design accent to any room. Plus, they’re easy to install – no screws necessary!

Alternative clamping systems

Finally, the curtain rods are not only left in sight, but are a very decorative element that (usually) does not go unnoticed, unlike its alternatives, the curtain pole and the curtain rail. Let’s take a closer look at these other options:

curtain pole

He pulled down the curtain pole and kicked her on the legs.But we’d hang his medals on each end of the curtain pole over the main door.So here’s how to install a curtain pole and curtains to any room in the house in just ten easy steps.It’s up there with getting a better shower curtain pole.

curtain rails

Inside we have curtain rails to the ceiling, so you can have two layers of curtains.Hundreds managed to get inside and crawled up a wall in one room before settling down on a curtain rail.Someone else had knitted a garden fence out of twine on curtain rails.He would secure a line from the pole to the curtain rail and only then, health and safety concerns assuaged, would we be allowed to begin to decorate.The whole kitchen was full of blood, from the sink, the curtain rail was on the floor with blood.


Choosing the right Western Curtains Rods isn’t rocket science – but it does require some careful thought. Remember: If it isn’t Perfect For You Right Now–it Probably Will Be Later!– so don’t fret! Just take some measurements and go from there.

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