Paint a front door of your house is the first thing you see and that welcomes your guests. That is why this element can also be decorated and personalized being a sign of identity and style . If you are thinking of giving a new air to your home take note at we explain how to paint the front door of your house redecorate the main facade of your house by following these tips.In this article Paint a front door,paint the front door red,paint the front door white,door paint design,best paint for the front door

Best paint for the front door

1.Choose the color . This is the main part, as each color has its meaning and will be the hallmark of your home. We propose these colors:

White: if you want to give a feeling of peace and tranquility this is the color you should select. In addition it combines with most colors and facades. The negative point is that it gets dirty more often and the stains are more noticeable. So if you decide to paint your door this color you should clean it often.

Red: This is one of the most daring colors as well as stylish modern and contemporary. With this color you will give a southern style to your home. On the other hand red will increase Feng Shui .Which will improve your quality of life and increase the good energies in your home. If you decide to paint your door red you will attract attention we recommend it if you have your door facing south.

Blue. Like white, it transmits serenity and calm . This color is typical of white and southern houses. Painting your door this color will denote abundance and loyalty. If you want to convey well-being within your home, blue is the best color.

Wood . It’s the classic option and fits most styles. You have a multitude of varieties and a wide range of wood colors. Select the one that best suits the style of your facade.

2.Once you have chosen the color, get ready to paint.

First, place a cloth, plastic or cardboard around the door area. This will prevent the floor from getting dirty with paint.

3.To avoid making the process difficult, try removing the doorknob and lock from the door. If this is not possible, it is recommended to cover them with plastic to avoid staining them.

4.Clean the door before painting.

You can use an anti-mold cleaner , you will find it in any drugstore or specialized store. You can also mix one part bleach to three part water. Apply either of the two cleaners and let it dry.

5.Cover the outline of the door with painter’s tape , this will make the lines of the paint are straight and avoid painting those parts that you do not want. Next, use a putty knife and remove the paint from the door. If yours is metallic, you can use a wire brush to remove the rust.

6.Then, using medium-grit sandpaper , remove the paint residue and sand the door. When you have it ready, wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it and remove the dust. If the door has holes, apply metal filler for the door of this material or putty if it is made of wood. This way you will leave it perfect and smooth. You will find both products in any drugstore .

7.The time has come to paint the door . Give it a coat of anti-rust paint first and sand the door again. Then repaint the door with the antioxidant. Once it is dry, apply the first coat of paint and let it dry, keep in mind that it may take up to a day. When it has dried you can give it the second coat … and that’s it!

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Try to paint the door when the sun is out. Otherwise, small blisters could appear on it and delay the process.

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