Tips Of Wooden Wall Planters

Wooden Wall Planters is a type of container that is designed to hold water and keep plants alive. These containers are often used indoors and are commonly seen in greenhouses and nurseries. They are also known as hanging baskets.There are some clever ways to hang your plants and one of them is by using an innovative wooden wall planter like these that you can find in this article. Imagine how it will emphasize your walls, giving them an amazing rustic character, endowed with a lot of nature and clean air.In this article we discuss wooden wall planters,wooden wall planter indoor,wall planters,wood wall planter,wooden wall planters outdoor,wooden box wall planters,wall plant holders.

Wall Planters

Wall planters are great for any room in your house. You can use them to add color and style to any space. These planters are perfect for displaying flowers, herbs, and vegetables. If you want to make sure that your plants stay healthy and look good, then you should get yourself some type of planter. There are many different types of planters out there, so you have to decide what you would like best. When choosing a planter, you need to think about how much space you have and where you want to put it. You could choose something small if you only have a little bit of space, or you could go big if you have a lot of room.

There are some clever ways to hang your plants and one of them is by using an innovative wooden wall planter like these that you can find in this article. 

How To Use A Wooden Wall Planters?

To use a wooden wall planter, first, you need to drill holes at the bottom of the pot. Then, fill the pot with water until the top of the pot is cover. Next, place the pot on its side and put some dirt around the base. Finally, add fertilizer to the soil and wait for the seeds to sprout. Once the seeds sprout, remove them from the pot and transplant them into bigger containers.

Advantages of buying a wooden wall planter

Wood is combin with various decorative styles, it is light, resistant and versatile, because it can be turn into pots in innumerable ways and you only need to apply wax or some other material to impregnate it. In addition, it offers the following benefits

  • Wood is a noble, durable classic, always and in all circumstances; Perfect to complement any wall decoration, both interior and exterior.
  • You can use them with peace of mind since they are usually resistant and are treated beforehand to withstand inclement weather outside, although inside they are even better.
  • Its designs are versatile and varied, you will find a wall planter in the shape of a ladder, square, round or wall so that you can use it as a shelf.
  • In them you can store a variety of plants, from cacti, ferns, Soleirolia or others that will fill your walls with nature.
  • Wooden wall planters are perfect for growing hanging plants such as Pothos, Scindapsus pictus, Nasturtium, Petunia, Campanula and many more.
  • With this type of pots they do not take up space that can be used for other activities, and you will also have a beautiful garden at your fingertips with only walls to hang them.

Wooden Wall Planters indoor

Indoor wooden wall planters look great in any room. They can be use to hold small plants or flowers. They can also be used to display artwork or collectibles.Wooden wall planters are great for growing herbs indoors. These wall planters have many advantages over plastic pots. First, they are durable and last longer than plastic pots. Second, they are not toxic to humans and animals. Third, they do not break easily. Fourth, they are easy to clean and maintain. Finally, they look good in any room.These are perfect for smaller spaces where you don’t want to put a big tree or shrub inside. You can use them to add some greenery to your office desk or kitchen counter top. And since they’re small, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or watering.

Wooden Wall Planters in outdoor

Outdoor wooden wall planters are perfect for growing herbs outside. You can choose between different types of wood depending on what type of herb you want to grow. If you want to grow flowers, then you should go for cedar or pine. I want to get rid of weeds, then i should go with cypress or redwood. Keep your garden looking nice, then you should go natural with oak or maple.An outdoor wooden wall planter is perfect for adding color and texture to your garden. You can use these planters year round and they do not need to be painted. They can last for years if taken care of properly.You can use these in both indoor and outdoor environments. Just make sure that they’re weatherproof. You can install them under trees, along walkways, or even at your front porch. You’ll need to keep an eye on them though since they might get wet if it rains.

Why is it worth buying wooden wall flower beds?

Some compelling reasons for buying a wooden wall planter may be lack of space and the desire to grow various types of plants, which may include exquisite aromatic herbs, which, in addition to decorating your home, will be use to make beer. However, we prefer to emphasize that plants are essential for air purification, they bring beauty and harmony to the home, and they are also wonderful companions; thanks to them you can liven up the decoration of your favorite rooms, creating a corner that you can dedicate to relaxation and meditation.

You can use them on your balcony, and when you open the windows you can enjoy the aroma of their flowers, which activates positive energies in your home. In addition, according to feng shui, wood is a factor of development, creativity and movement that must be present in all rooms.

Types of wall plant holders

Wall plant holders are design to hold plants upright and allow them to grow vertically. These types of plant holders are commonly used for houseplants and hanging baskets. There are many different designs and materials use to make these wall plant holders.

Glass Hanging Baskets

Glass hanging baskets are great for any type of plant. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they do not require much space. Most glass hanging baskets have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water build-up.

Wooden Plant Stand

Wooden plant stands are sturdy and durable. They are great for holding larger pots and planter boxes.

Plastic Planter Boxes

Plastic planter boxes are inexpensive and versatile. They are use indoors or out, and they are easy to clean.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are popular choices for home decor. They add color and beauty to any room.

How to  build wooden box wall planters?

The best wood for making a wooden box is pine. Pine is extremely durable and strong, and is resistant to decay. You can use any kind of wood, but make sure the wood is not treat with pesticides or chemicals.

How much wood do I need?

You should have at least 6-8 pieces of wood for each box. If you want to make a bigger box, then you’ll need more than 8 pieces.

How long does it take to build my box?

It takes about 2 hours to build a box.

How big is my box?

Your boxes can be anywhere between 4 inches to 10 inches tall.

How many holes do I need?

Each hole should be around 1/2 inch deep.

Do I need to drill holes?

Yes, you should drill holes in your wood.

How do I attach the lid?

There are two ways to attach the lid. One way is using hinges. Hinges are attach to the lid and the box. Then, they are connect together. Another way is using screws. Screws go through the lid and the box, and are screwed together.


Make your house beautiful used Wooden Wall Planters .

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