Unusual Shaped Couches For Your Small Living Room

Unusual Shaped Couches are one of those things that we take for granted. We sit down on them every day without even thinking about what they are. But did you know that there are actually different types of couches? There are some unusual ones out there. You might not have seen these before. These unique shapes may seem strange at first, but once you get over the initial shock, you’ll probably fall in love with them!

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Special features unusual shaped couches

unusual shaped couches can differ from all family furniture in different parameters. This configuration, size, manufacture of materials, decoration, design, the presence of additional details.The first thing that catches the attention of people entering the room is the shape of the sofa. The classical, optimally selected shape of the furniture helps to create a favorable impression on the interior of the room. The unusual configuration draws the eye and instantly makes the sofa a bright and catchy accent in any situation.

Name of most unique Couches

  • rectangle
  • corner
  • oval
  • a circle

Before choosing and buying a sofa, you need to take into account a few points: the area of ​​​​the room, the type of design, the layout, the size of the room, and the sofa itself. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

The straight sofa is considered a classic. It is perfect for arranging rooms of any size and looks harmonious in any style interior. Ideal as a place to host guests, and as a bed. Easy to fold, compact enough. You can place it anywhere (corner, along the wall, in the center of the room).

unique couches for living room

The corner model is perfect for arranging small apartments, when you need to make optimal use of all available freespace. In addition, the transformation mechanism of corner furniture allows you to create a very spacious and even sleeping place. Corner models can frequently be set up in serviceschildren‘s apartmentsliving apartments. With its help, you can visually divide (zone) one room into several separate rooms (for example, in studio apartments).

Oval or round sofas –

Most often they are made to order, based on the individual requirements of the client, the size of the room, its planning. The most harmonious thing is that they look in very spacious, large rooms, for example, in living rooms, bedrooms or studio apartments.Sofas can have much more unexpected shapes, they can be made in bright, catchy colors, unusual color combinations, in a special way to decorate.

Species Unusual Shaped Couches

A standard lounge is generally made in the form of a specific geometric shape( cube, round or circle). Non-standard models are made in combination of several figures at once, forming a rather massive, cumbersome, but very functional design.

U-shaped sofa comes in various forms:

With sides of equal and different length.
folding chair;
u-shaped sofa and without folding mechanism.
Sofas can be stationary (the shape and size do not change), and mobile, modular (different blocks can be exchanged at your discretion). Such models can be placed in different parts of the room: in the corner, along the wall or in the center.Such sofas often perform a number of additional functions. For example, one of the parts can be equipped with drawers for storage or shelves for books.

For example, a modular U-shaped layout is a combination of several pieces of furniture:

Blockish upholstered lounge with the metamorphosis medium” accordion” ottoman president;
sofa with high armrests + sofa + pouf
Sofa without armrests + 2 sofas or chairs.

Advantages of the U-shaped design include:

Veritably commodious sleeping place in the unfolded state;
solid, expensive appearance;
The original form of the design allows you to create a great place for negotiations, conversation, tea. o do this, you’ll need to put a small forecourt or blockishtable.
However, there are certain disadvantages. For example, to get to a certain corner of the bed, you will have to climb almost the entire sofa.Large overall dimensions – one less more.Sofas similar models aren’t suitable for small spaces

The T-shaped sofa Unusual Shaped Couches

Outwardly, this model really resembles the letter “T”. The sofa does not have armrests, it does not unfold. This is a finished bed with the back of the original form.The advantages of the oval and round sofa is a spacious place to sleep. But the large dimensions make its use in small rooms quite limited.

most comfortable l shape couches

Offering plenitude of room for everyone to sprawl out, L- shaped settees are a good option for living apartments of all shapes and sizes. One of the most important effects to consider when buying an L- shaped lounge is the size of your livingroom.L- shaped settees are a great choice for those who want a largegenerous seating area. Offering plenitude of room for everyone to sprawl out, L- shaped settees are a good option for living apartments of all shapes andsizes.One of the most important effects to consider when buying an L- shaped lounge is the size of your living room. As L- shaped settees take up more floor space than standard 2- and 3- seater settees, you need to insure that your innards is big enough to accommodate this generous furnishing before you buy.

Benefits of an L-shaped sofa

L- shaped settees aren’t only great for busy homes – they ’re also perfect for those who like to spread out, lie back and relax at the end of a busyday.Offering more seating space than a standard 2- or 3-seater sofa, a corner modular sofa is also the perfect choice for people who like to have friends and family over on a regular basis.In general, L-shaped sofas take up less room than two standard sofas. This means they allow you to accommodate further people in your living space. What’s more, if you conclude for a modular design, you can add sections to your lounge if you need to expand your seating area to feed for furtherguests.

Dimensions unusual shaped couches

The size of the sofa is not usually its most unusual feature. The thing is that the standard and standard sizes are calculate base on the dimensions of the apartments. The exceptions are private houses or country houses, when the owners order exclusive furniture for individual orders.The standard width of two- and three-seater sofas is from 1.7 to 2.5 he corner model has further emotional confines(2.7 m). The height of the lounge-0.8-0.9 m, depth from0.8 to2.2, depending on the model Complexly configured sofas, of course, can be made in a wide range of sizes. They are made to order. For example, large elongated sofas can have a seat width of 3-3.5 m and more. Dimensions of modular designs may vary depending on shape and configuration.

Unique sofa Designs For Living Room

Non-standard models are increasingly in demand among buyers. The owners of apartments and private houses are gradually moving away from the standard layout and creating unique and unusual interiors, providing them with irregularly shaped furniture.

Among the most popular models for today are:

Cormac sofa

Option of modular furniture. Its outfit includes an angular base, an banquette, a pouf, a president and a folding sofa. For storage of linen and linen box provided. The design has the right and left installation of the sofa. The cabinetwork is presented in colorful colors milky white, brown, redargentine, olive and othercolors.

Altai .

An elegant corner sofa with a tick transformation mechanism and several linen drawers. Presented in a combination of contrasting colors and tones.


A luxurious and spacious sofa with a width of more than 3 meters is made in various colors. One of the most popular options is a sofa, decorated in a classic combination of black and white. It consists of three sections, each of which is equipped with a spacious bedding box. pring blocks give special comfort and affable sensations when usingfurniture.At the same time, the model can accommodate up to 4 people.


The model has a smooth, streamlined shapecompact size, ultramodern design.The transformation mechanism “Dolphin” provides a quick process of folding and folding furniture. A storage box is provided to store bedding. Modern, durable, practical and beautiful materials are used for upholstery.


The model has several versions (straight, angular). A distinctive feature of some models is a compact folding bed, which allows you to quickly turn a small sofa into a free comfortable bed. Bright and saturated colors, modern and ergonomic design and high-quality materials make this model one of the most popular to date.

Tips for choosing unusual shaped couches

When choosing a unusual shaped couches, there are several important points to consider:

Size Irregularly shaped sofas are usually much larger than standard designs. This point must be foreseen when buying furniture in a small room.

materials . The frame for custom furniture should be made of the most durable and reliable material (plywood, wood). The upholstery should be easy to clean or wash, strong enough and durable enough.

Filling . The most comfortable and convenient use of furniture is provided by spring or polyurethane blocks.

functional purpose . The size, material, shape, cost and other parameters directly depend on which room and for what purpose the furniture will be used. Models with the most complex shape and the largest size are designed for the living room or bedroom. Economy class models can be used to furnish the hallway, hallway, hallway.

you can’t find a modern sofa that fits in your small living room? The sofa is the crucial element of our living room and dining room: it takes up a lot of space and its appearance determines the atmosphere of the most visible room in our house. In addition, we and our guests will spend a lot of time in it, so it is a very important investment that will also determine the style of the entire house.

How to choose a modern sofa designs for living room?

If you are thinking of renovating your living room , one of the pieces of furniture you should focus on the most is the sofa. The price of a new sofa can be in any range, but a quality modern sofa will make all the difference in a modern living room. In fact, even the smallest and most conventional living room will win many design points with an innovative sofa.

Gray sofa for two, a timeless option

In this sense, the small sofa in gray tones is a timeless option. Due to its small size and industrial color, it allows to give a minimalist charisma to our living room. Of course, we don’t always need to invest in a whole new sofa. A sofa with good upholstery can last a long time and is a more sustainable option, so before going to a store you can consider having a professional renew the appearance of your beloved sofa.

The classic sofa with a modern twist-

The gray sofa for two is an immortal classic that can be renewed in many ways. In its lightest and most economical version, it can be combined with wicker arms to give it a colonial and summery touch. Perfect for a hallway or adjoining sitting room.

curved sofa

Classic styles are so much fun to play with. Even the most imperial, curve-laden sofa becomes modern if its curvaceous features are exaggerated and combined with colorful cushions. In this way, the modern touch of the small gray sofa speaks perfectly with a living room decorated in a classic style.

Why choose  Ikea sofa?

IKEA’s sofa give you endless decorating options. You can pair them with other IKEA items, or use them as your primary source of decor.Ikea Sofas are design to make your home look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. You could use them to add some color to your space, or even just to replace a boring old couch. They’re great for families who want to have fun while watching TV together, and they’re perfect for those wanting to create a cozy reading nook. There are many different styles and sizes of these sofas, so you should find one that fits perfectly in your space.


The lounge also becomes the centerpiece of the living room around which you’ll make the rest of your scenery. Standard and typical chairs and sofas differ from each other most often only in colors and upholstery. If you want to somehow bright and original design the interior, then unusual shaped couches  will come to the rescue.

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